Fast way out of town |

Fast way out of town

Dear Editor:

Guess what? Want a quick way to leave Aspen at 4:05 p.m.? Have someone sit shotgun in your car and stay in the left lane heading out of Aspen on Main Street. You will move a lot faster in the left lane. When you are about at the end of the merge lane, stick your head out of the car and demand the driver in the right lane yield to you because you are a deputy.

If this does not work for you, call Aspen police and say the driver in front of you in the right lane almost hit a pedestrian and should be stopped before leaving town. This works. The Aspen police came very, very quickly and stopped my car. Officer Joe issued a warning and gave me a very, very long lecture about road rage … which, of course, made sense because the off-duty deputy that demanded I yield to him had nothing to do with my rage and was all about merging.

Remember, left lane and demand yielding because you are a deputy ” works like a charm!

Martha Neilson

Snowmass Village