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Mary Eshbaugh Hayes
MEH photoAt the Aspen Historical Societys National Council gathering at Toklat are, left to right, Peter Helburn, Kim Coates, and Georgia Hanson, Historical Society director.

The Summer of 2005 in Aspen was the Summer of Farewells, as many longtime businesses were sold or closed.The Mace Family turned their historic Toklat Lodge in Ashcroft over to the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies, and moved their Toklat Gallery to Basalt. One of the last events that Lynne Mace hosted at Toklat was the gathering of the National Council for the Aspen Historical Society. Guests of honor were Phyllis and Morry Hollenbaugh, who had led the tours of the ghost town of Ashcroft for the Historical Society for many years. The Hollenbaughs left soon afterward to make their home in the Midwest.After owning the Sopris Restaurant in Carbondale some 30 years (and before that being the chef at Aspen’s Red Onion) Kurt Wigger and his wife, Elsbeth, closed the restaurant on Aug. 31 and plan to put all their efforts into their other restaurant, Buffalo Valley in Glenwood Springs.

After owning and operating the Boomerang Lodge in Aspen the past 50 years, Charlie and Fonda Paterson have sold the lodge to Steve Stunda. In mid-August the Patersons celebrated by holding a champagne toast and Viennese pastries in the Boomerang Gardens. Among the guests were others who had sold their Aspen properties: Nick Lebby, who sold La Cocina, and Karen Woodard, who sold Pen Perfecto and the Baggage Claim.Former KSPN announcer Bert Rudman was quoted in the Aug. 22 issue of People magazine in the article about TV anchorman Peter Jennings. Bert is now with ABC News.Part-time Aspenite Ted Bell learned this week that his new novel, “Pirate,” is No. 15 on the New York Times best-seller list and No. 14 on the Wall Street Journal best-seller List. Bell has created a character, Alexander Hawke, a direct descendant of a fictional pirate named Blackhawke, who is an expert on espionage and terror. Bell’s previous novels, “Hawke” and “Assassin,” and the new book all follow Hawke in his efforts to save America from terrorists. Wrote Booklist, “Hawke is everything we want in an action hero.” Wrote critic Vince Flynn of “Assassin,” which became a New York Times best seller, “An international political thriller of the highest order. Intrigue you can sink your teeth into and a secret agent who takes you into the danger zone with a ballsy wit that had me hooked.”With the death of Bob Lewis, the founder and director of the Aspen Field Biology Laboratory, his daughter, Katie Lewis Etienne, has been named the new director. Katie’s seven years of experience as research coordinator for Audubon Canyon Ranch in California qualify her for the position. She will move back to Aspen to do the work her father started. Katie grew up in Aspen and attended Aspen schools before college.Diane Eagle Kataoka will be editor of the Mammoth Times beginning in mid-September. She was a proofreader at The Aspen Times and worked in marketing for the Aspen Music Festival and School. She’s a neighbor of former Aspen Times and Glenwood Post Independent editor Jon Klusmire, who now writes for the Inyo Register in Bishop, Calif.That gulch on Smuggler Mountain is turning gold.Undercurrent … Things I love about September – the scent of the sweet peas in front of Jill’s Carpet Shop, the overabundance of blooms in all the flower boxes in front of shops and restaurants, the bright sunshine, the blue, blue sky, the crisp air and the quiet downtown.

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