Family will miss Farrell |

Family will miss Farrell

As a parent of two boys who went through the Aspen school system, my thanks to Tom and the Farrell family for being such a positive part of the Aspen experience. Like the majority of parents and school supporters, I am sad to see you go.

Any voter, taxpayer or parent had the right to ask for facts and documentation about school finances and educational practices. But the Morgridge group of critics may have overlooked that the Farrells fit in all three categories.

Tom was not just an employee receiving a substantial salary. The investigation found one financial charge which probably should have been approved in advance. However, when asked, the board readily approved this tuition for Tom and the principal, and would likely have done so previously.

Some parents have said there are areas, particularly math, where our school needs to improve and a few teachers who should be replaced. But Tom does not control the tenure system and losing him will not solve those problems.

At the least, Tom gave kids a positive view of authority; at the most, he may have saved some lives with his anti-drug and especially anti-drunk-driving messages.

Bill Greenwood


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