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‘Family’ came together for trail

Dear Editor:

I love my community. What an amazing family.

For the Garfield County commissioners meeting on Dec. 5, concerning a 1.1-mile portion of trail, we were graced by an awesome gathering of citizens from Garfield County and the town of Carbondale, officials from the Carbondale Trustees, the Carbondale Chamber of Commerce, Pitkin County Open Space, the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority, Lower Valley Trails Group, the city of Glenwood Springs, the Glenwood Springs Chamber of Commerce, the Crystal Valley Caucus and the Crystal Valley Alliance; all heroically encouraging the Garfield commissioners to join in support of a tiny trail segment.

God love John and Larry for listening.

I’m exhilarated by the solidarity and wisdom of our communities and governments supporting this simple, yet powerful, amenity.

A pedestrian route creates safety and exercise for our children traveling to school and play. It frees their parents from the autonomy of the automobile for their own commutes.

On a trail, the line between recreation and transportation blurs, while becoming a powerful attractant for tourism and community bonding.

Larry, Tresi and John, this tiny gift will sprout a hundredfold for clean air, water and appreciation for this special land we live in.

Good on us one and all.

John Hoffmann


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