Family blasts county |

Family blasts county

This lawsuit has never been about money. It is about accountability and responsibility of a government to keep its community safe.

Eagle County caved into the pressure of several people who had a good idea, but were incapable of fulfilling any obligation to keep the environment safe. The skateboard park was never maintained for safety, but only for some personal agenda of a few people. We were appalled with the condition of the park – trash, broken bottles, boards with nails sticking out and holes in many of the ramps.

Eagle County handed this awesome responsibility over to Herb Weisbard. This is the kind of irresponsible leadership that was in charge of this broken-down, never-maintained park for children to play in. My God, there wasn’t even a working phone out there. No responsible entity ever considered safety as number one for this park. I compare it to someone throwing a loaded gun in this facility, shutting the door and waiting to see what happened.

Eagle County was pressured into opening this park and then washed their hands of it. Herb Weisbard, who was leader of the skateboard association along with Royal Laybourn, was quoted as saying after Jamie’s death, “The community shouldn’t be spanked or inconvenienced because of this accident. I can approach this with sympathy but life goes on. You don’t close a street down when a kid gets hit by a car.”

This is what this lawsuit is all about. No caring that our wonderful, beautiful child was killed because no one took the time or responsibility to care about the safety of this park.

Eagle County Manager Jack Ingstad called Jamie’s death a freak accident; leaving a 200-pound steel beam in a place where children play is not a freak accident. It’s an accident waiting to happen.

We just don’t ever want this to happen to anyone else’s child. The devastation to our family is just unbelievable.