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Fales: Please vote in Holy Cross election

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

We are ranchers in the Crystal River Valley with family ties to the area going back generations. Like many people living here, our livelihood depends on clean air, clean water, and a stable future climate. Protecting local land and water and ensuring a rapid transition to a clean energy future to protect our climate is critical to another hundred years of sustainable agriculture and healthy communities.

By voting in the Holy Cross Energy board elections this month, you can support this transition and ensure local food security for future generations throughout our region.

We supported Alex DeGolia’s candidacy three years ago and believe he remains the strongest candidate to continue to promote our values on the Holy Cross Energy Board. Through his service on the Thompson Divide Coalition Board, where he currently serves as vice president and his work on clean energy and climate advocacy at Environmental Defense Fund, he is already active in protecting local land and water as well as our climate.

Holy Cross is now on track to reach more than 90% clean and renewable electricity by the end of next year and has committed to 100% by 2030. It also has continued to keep electricity costs low and service reliable, which are critical to our ability to continue to operate our ranching business and for many other business owners throughout the region.

Voting started on Tuesday, May 16. And you can now vote by returning your ballot in the mail, signing into your Holy Cross account, or on their website with a special code emailed to all members.

However you vote, remember to do so, and we hope you will vote for Alex DeGolia to protect our region’s environment for years to come.

Bill Fales and Marj Perry

Crystal River Valley