Faith restored |

Faith restored

I am 15 years old; my name is Kelly Garrett and I am a freshman at Aspen High School.

In this day and age, there are so many negative things publicized around us in the media that I wanted to share something wonderful that happened to me here in Aspen.

After having dinner out with my mom on Friday night, I was leaving in a hurry and accidentally dropped my bag on the street. It had numerous checks and a very substantial amount of cash in it, from lots of baby-sitting over the holidays.

When I realized it was missing on Saturday night, I was upset and concerned. After looking all around my house and discovering it was nowhere to be found, I was even more upset.

That night the phone rang, and it was someone for whom I had baby-sat. She explained that a lady named Sandra Sattler had just phoned her saying that she had found a bag of cash with some checks in it. This lady’s phone number was on one of the checks. She asked who Kelly Garrett was and asked if she would contact me to tell me that the bag was safe and that I should call her.

I just wanted to thank Sandra publicly and all the other people in this town who would have done the same thing. As my neighbor Bob said, “It restores your faith in humanity, doesn’t it?”

Thanks again, Sandra Sattler.

Kelly Garrett

Aspen High