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Facts about Carbondale’s election

Dear Editor:The divisiveness that supposedly enveloped Carbondale in 2003 and then dissipated for most citizens is threatening to rise up again. Before all of our knees start jerking, let’s look at the facts. Even though the article in last week’s Valley Journal stated that the Roadmap Group is largely made up of Town Mothers, the fact is that the Roadmap Group was made up equally of Marketplace opponents and supporters. Members of the RMG were appointed by the mayor and the trustees. The fact is that only four out of a group of 14 were Town Mothers. The fact is that active and concerned citizens put in a lot of hours to come up with a compromise. Growth is a complicated issue and it’s not black or white. The fact is that Mayor Hassig, in an Aspen Daily News article regarding defeat of the Crystal River Marketplace, said the vote was also a vote against big-box retailers and sent a message to the trustees that residents do not want to rely on major retailers to solve the town’s economic problems.”So the town’s assumptions about economic development may have changed,” Hassig said. “The vote on the Crystal River Marketplace was a wake-up call.” The facts are that the town did not go broke as was predicted in 2002. Many roads, parks, recreation and other civic projects have been completed. New businesses have opened. Sales tax revenue is up 9.5 percent.And the fact is that even though John Foulkrod states that he represents the “non-Mother” sector of citizens, many of his current supporters opposed the Marketplace and support a 60,000-square-foot building cap. Nobody has shoved any ideology down anyone’s throat. Although sometimes a successful campaign strategy, strident talk and negative spin intended to divide Carbondale’s citizens are not facts.Carbondale does not need a big-box in order to be a terrific town. It does need citizens working together. Please vote on April 4. Shelle de BequeCarbondale

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