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Face the piper

(This letter was originally addressed to Bob Kramer, former mayor of Burbank, Calif.)

There are Aspenites who believe the Aspen/Pitkin County Airport is their lifeblood, and that the air traffic and pollution problems it creates in Burbank is insignificant because plane traffic numbers are small and no commercial jets.

Let me remind you that the Aspen/Pitkin County Airport is the third busiest airport in Colorado, and that Burbank, Dallas and one other city – I believe San Francisco – are its three major hubs. The evidence speaks for itself.

A longer runway and a larger airport facility mean larger jets and more air traffic at any airport, which Burbankers are well aware of concerning the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority’s rentless efforts to do just that.

The City of Aspen, the Town of Snowmass Village and Pitkin County and their supporters voice that a longer runway does not mean larger jets landing, but that during the hot summer months planes can carry a full load of passengers. The altitude hampers plane loads in the summer time.

The cover-up is clear how these three government bodies can hoodwink the ignorant and upheld the uncaring. Where I am, these good people cannot understand that the City of Burbank, the peoples of Burbank and Los Angeles, many people in Glendale and three U.S. Congressmen are at odds with the Burbank Airport Authority.

Where I am, these militant environmentalists cannot face the harm their Aspen/Pitkin County Airport does to the people in your city and its surrounding Los Angeles area. Where I am, Aspen, Snowmass, Pitkin County and their dominating Aspen Skiing Co. must face the piper and the facts if they still want to milk the Los Angeles area for all the money it can get.

They must come to term with reality and concede Burbank and others deserve respect, happiness and an excellent quality of life. I have laid things on the table for you Burbankers in Aspen and Pitkin County. I keep telling these folks Burbankers are tougher than any they have met in battle or face-to-face.

However, they fail to understand I tell the truth. As I see things on a broader scope of microeconomic and macroeconomics, hopefully Aspen, Snowmass and Pitkin County become wiser through my eyes and others’ hearts in Burbank, Los Angeles and Glendale. If they don’t, the Aspen Skiing Co.’s financial statements could fill up with red ink.

Emzy Veazy III


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