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Extremely visible

Dear Editor:

In response to Don Dixon’s letter (Nov. 14), and page 3 and 5 of the Nov. 14 Aspen Times; I inject these comments.

Don, “That’s just a temporary storage,” not a permanent feature, according to Tom Newland. Temporary until it is never leveled again, and the house becomes occupied, and the berm remains. I think it asinine to build an almost 11,000-square-foot home. Is this not Aspen? Home of the “Aspen Ideas Festival”? The think tank for global emission reduction? Center of the universe for carbon footprint minimization?

Ever wonder how big a carbon footprint is left behind after all those festival-goers fly in on the private jet, drive the Hummer around town, heat the 10,000-square-foot house for the weekend, seldom ” if ever ” ride the free bus, only to talk about how good they look in green? Here is an “idea” for next years festival: Electric train in the valley operating on electricity from hydro-generators! That is a much better shade of green. Oh, I forgot! The decibel level of the hydroplant might exceed some 70 decibels or so. You know, just about as loud as the espresso machine frothing milk for the skinny lattes at Zele.

Back to invisible. Is it not ironic that page 3 has an article about the “invisible” 11,000-square-foot house (berm or not), and page 5 has a picture of an elk herd watching three Caterpillars tear up their feeding ground? You really think that house will be “invisible” to the elk and bear Mr. and Mrs. Smith?

Four things visible from outer space: 1. the Grand Canyon, 2. the Great Wall of China, 3. the Smith’s 11,000 square-foot house, and 4. the Great Bottleneck of The Entrance to Aspen.

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Have a great day, and don’t forget to emit some carbon! It’s the American Way!

John Norman


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