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Extraction reaction

Dear Editor:Aspen City Council is busy concocting methods to extract another million dollars annually (and making sure that amount automatically adjusts upwards for inflation) to pay a portion of the city’s growing transportation bill. One of their ideas is to rely on the construction industry for these funds (The Aspen Times, Oct. 18). Do we really want to become addicted to growth in construction to support local transit?Another idea raised by a city council member was that the monthly homeowners’ dues for the 97 owners of Burlingame affordable housing units could help support the operation of the new million-dollar-a-year route for Burlingame. This would be similar to homeowners at Aspen Highlands Village who pay into a metropolitan district that helps fund transit at Highlands (The Aspen Times, Nov. 16, 2004).While contemplating how your government will extract its next million from your pocket, please take a moment of your day to vote. Early voting is under way at the courthouse annex. Every issue-based question is about raising taxes, including a tax to specifically fund the Aspen Historical Society above and beyond all other nonprofits.Bert MyrinAspen

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