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Exporting Aspen’s charms to urban points eastward

Brent Gardner-Smith
Aspen Times Staff Writer

Sometimes the big-city look comes to Aspen. And sometimes the Aspen look goes to the big city. And by scrolling through a media database, we can keep tabs on such important trends.

William Hamilton wrote in The New York Times on May 9 that “it was only a matter of time before New Yorkers, who have been called every kind of bum, would want to be ski bums too. Not in Aspen or the Alps, but right here.

“Three scene-savvy restaurants and clubs – Chateau, Industry (food) and Butter – have opened in New York in the last month, with enough planed sauna cedar, cowshed-plank cubbies, split-birch-log lounges, copper-pot and kindling-twig ceilings, white photomural forests and live trees to make you ask yourself whether Heidi Klum is the only Heidi in the room.”

And in Atlanta, a brewery is using Aspen, or people’s perceptions of it, to help boost business.

Krista Reese writes in The Atlanta Journal and Constitution on May 9 that the Buckhead Brewery of Atlanta is expanding its chain of “nouveau-rustic” lodges throughout the metro area, complete with fancy logo.

“The logo portrays the mounted head of a 10-point buck, under the slogan ‘Aspen Charm, Southern Hospitality.’ For all the highfalutin locales it refers to, however, the Buckhead Brewery virtually screams Atlanta suburbs,” Reese notes.

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Our pour charm.

@ATD Sub heds:Beer here

@ATD body copy: The Journal newspaper in Newcastle in the United Kingdom noted on May 10 that there is a big event coming to Aspen in June. (Like we often say here at The Aspen Times, if it’s happening, it is news to us.)

Yes, it’s the Beer World Cup, which will be coming to a head on June 12 when the best out of 139 beers will be chosen.

“Ninety-six of the finalists, surprise, surprise, carry the American flag, with only two, Melbourn Brothers from Lincolnshire and O’Hanlon’s Brewing Company from Devon, representing the Old Country,” the British paper reports.

We promise to get to the bottom of this event, leaving no glass unturned.

@ATD Sub heds:The secretary regrets …

@ATD body copy: Secretary of the Army Thomas White held a press conference last week. He was asked if he had any regrets about using military planes for personal travel, including the one he used to stop off in Aspen over a weekend last winter.

His answer was printed in a number of major newspapers: “Well, I suppose any time we go through a period like that and we generate the interest that it did, you look back on those circumstances and you think about things you would have done differently, and I guess I would’ve, yes.”

We’re waiting for what that would be …

@ATD Sub heds:Shopping for visitors

@ATD body copy: What’s the real attraction in Aspen?

The June issue of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance includes a feature called “35 Ways to Keep More Cash.” It recommends shopping at consignment stores.

“Don’t wrinkle your nose at buying ‘used’ clothing,” urges writer Mary Beth Franklin. “And always shop in a better neighborhood than your own, especially if you’re on a trip to a fashion mecca, such as New York, Miami or Los Angeles. Personally, I’ve always wanted to go to Aspen – not to ski, but to shop.”

She’s not alone.

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