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Exploring Aspen/Snowmass on horseback

The smell of fresh hay, light dust held in the rays of the sun, the creaking of polished leather, the quiet nicker of a horse convey a special ambience. A traditional, Old World feel comes from swinging into a saddle and sitting tall over the arched neck of a bay or a chestnut.

Trail rides into the mountains offer a slow view of unfolding river valleys and ascending ridges of timber. The gait is gentle and rhythmic as you sway along a rushing stream, letting the horse do the walking while you take it all in. For competitive and field riders throughout the valley, there are fox hunts, polo, jumping and dressage.

Carriage rides through Aspen offer a slower, easier sightseeing pace in the old Victorian neighbourhoods where the clip-clop of horse hooves echoes the sound of the early days. Riding in a brougham elicits the historic charm of a quiet time and brings the past to bear with slow, plodding, timeless pleasure.


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