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Expand the helmet law

In order to prevent further death and injury to people on the slopes, helmets must be made mandatory for not only children 12 and under, but for children 14 and under as well.

Of the 15 deaths in the state of Colorado due to ski accidents, none of them was wearing a helmet. At least nine of the 15 deaths could have been prevented if the victims were wearing helmets.

Ski experts make the comparison of one on a fast sports car going 60 mph on a twisty back road to one skiing down one of Colorado’s challenging runs. If the driver is not wearing a seat belt, it is like the skier not wearing a helmet. Both of these are extremely dangerous.

Although some people know how important helmets are and wear them, many people don’t. They choose this because they believe that helmets are unfashionable, yet really, with the right decision, helmets can be more fashionable than hats.

The other complaint is that helmets are uncomfortable. Again, with the right decision, helmets can be as comfortable as a hat. Ski helmet experts and storekeepers can help you make these decisions.

Although helmets can’t prevent spinal cord injury, they can prevent brain injury and death. The soft inside of the helmet gives it a comfortable feel and a small amount of protection. The outer hard shell is like a skull. It is very hard and is the main part that protects your head. This combination leads to more comfort than one would imagine and great protection.

Clearly, to prevent further death and injury, helmets must be made mandatory for children 14 and younger.

Nicky Anastas


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