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Exhibit needed more realism

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:

I visited Eric Ringsby’s exhibit at the David Floria Gallery and came away feeling quite disturbed.

If Mr. Ringsby’s quote “I am both pro Israeli and pro Palestinian” is correct, then I would have thought images of Palestinian children talked into blowing themselves up to kill Israeli civilians would be presented. Perhaps images of the body parts of women and children strewn about the street, around the burning hulk of a bus, might have been appropriate. I would suggest that a depiction of Arafat walking away from Barak’s last offer of a Palestinian homeland may have given the exhibit some historical perspective.

I read that Mr. Ringsby is contributing the profits of this exhibit to Rebuilding Homes, an Israeli-Palestinian peace coalition; I would suggest it be directed to aid in erecting The Wall, to keep terrorists from killing and maiming innocents.

Art, Mr. Ringsby, as is life, is never one dimensional.

Mel Gallant