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Exclaiming over bag bans

Dear Editor:

The plastic-bag controversy goes on and on and gets funnier and funnier! Now Snowmass wants the question put on the November ballot like Basalt did!

It seems no one thinks the problem through thoroughly. The plastic bags are only a small part of the problem. What is put in the bags is a bigger problem! When a bagger puts your purchases in a plastic bag, the bag contains a thousand times more plastic than the bag itself!

Almost 100 percent of purchases are packaged in plastic or made of plastic, so why pick on the source of the least plastic – the plastic bag? Thousands of items are a bigger source of plastic than the bag, such as jars, tubes of toothpaste, skin lotion and beauty creams, and the list goes on and on and never ends!

I have a possible solution in my possession if town councils are interested (brought them home from our vacation)! It is a reusable paper bag with handles that are used in Wisconsin – why not here? Of course the supermarkets would cry foul because it would affect their bottom line slightly!

Any town council members who are interested, please call me and get a sample for your next meeting. Let’s get our heads out of the sand!

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Chris Tessem


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