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Evolution in Aspen

Dear Editor:Apply the theory of evolution to what’s happening to Aspen. The changes and challenges this four-mountain resort faces are in a competition that will be won by the survival of the fittest.For example, we see that moms and pops don’t fit here anymore. Another example of change is the fit we will be in if global warming turns out to be as natural as it was when it melted Aspen’s mile-thick glaciers. Add the slow extinction of lodges as they are replaced by second homes and interval ownerships.Evolution is an out-of-sight series of changes that move in mysterious ways their wonders to perform. We humans can impact nature but not the way it can impact us with its catastrophic extinctions, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, plagues, hurricanes, avalanches and other deadly disasters.No one wants to use the gospel of evolution to explain why local governments have relaxed their controls on growth or why developers are taking the risk of investing a billion dollars this year in the Aspen-Snowmass area. They don’t test this theory in Aspen because we neither understand or control it.Nature just does what nature’s got to do. Be Brave Comrades.KNCB MooreSanta Barbara, Calif.

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