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Eviction punishes campers

Dear Editor:By evicting all tent campers from Difficult Creek Campground the Forest Service has punished all tent campers for the sins of the few. We camped there from July 24 through 29 and did not have any problems with bears. We kept all food locked up in the car with the windows shut tightly. Those who did not keep their food locked up or their windows tightly closed had problems. Those who took food into their tents had unwelcome visitors and they left.Part of the “problem” is that when the campground was leased out the hosts have no power to fine those who leave food out. There must be some enforcement powers given to the hosts to enforce sensible rules.The real question I have is how will the Forest Service know when it is safe to let tent campers back into the campground? It is such a waste to see the campground only about half full.Fred FrostWhitefish, Mont.

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