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Everything’s gonna be all right

The bumps were rock hard on Monday, having been turned to death moguls by the chilly temperatures that swept in recently when no one was looking. And anything ungroomed had set up enough to rattle your insides six ways from Sunday.So what’s a girl to do? Take the GS skis out and cruise, of course. For that, the conditions on Aspen Mountain were perfect yesterday – solid, smooth and very, very fast. And virtually no one on the mountain to get in the way.One lap down Copper in celebration of Bode’s overall World Cup victory, the first by an American in 22 years. Then another lap through Tourtelotte to Spar, in anticipation of the giant, giant slalom this weekend at Highlands. That’s right, race fans, after a multi-week hiatus, the Town Race Series resumes. The advanced league races Saturday and the rec leaguers on Sunday (and there’s still time to sign up), taking on a huge and well-respected giant slalom course from the top of Golden Horn to the bottom of Thunderbowl.There’s still plenty of time left in the season for the snow to soften again and eventually (sob) melt away, hopefully not before (sob) closing day. And hey, we’re better off than most of our northern neighbors, who got skipped by many of this winter’s storms and are now seeing their minimal bases melt away. Jackson Hole has developed what the locals call “the cancer.” The skiing there this past weekend was all over the place – slushy bumps with surprise bare spots on the back sides in one place, chalk on hardpack in others, and just about the nastiest frozen bumps I’ve ever encountered in Rendezvous Bowl.Then again, Front Range resorts did get several inches from this last piece of weather. Winter Park reported 10 inches. But it’s spring break, so you have to deal with the crowds.Yeah, we’re doing fine.

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