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Everyone deserves some of the credit

Dear Editor:

Re: “Luxury condos pass critical Aspen inspection” (Dec. 2)

To all the construction workers, supervisors, operators, developers, architects, engineers, sales and rental agents, material suppliers, city officials, planners, real estate agents, lawyers, accountants, schedulers, lenders, managers, office personnel and citizen task force members involved in the Residences at Little Nell:

GREAT JOB! The success of a “big-city” project of this scale could not be believable in an isolated mountain town like ours, except for the physical evidence we now have before us. The building is a magnificent addition to the corridor of hotels that starts at the St. Regis and now connects to the original Little Nell and the gondola. Now that Dean Street is open to the public, everyone who lives or visits in Aspen will have a chance to marvel in the beauty of this fantastic building. It has been a long and difficult struggle, which is not completely over, but EVERYONE involved deserves a bit of recognition for the acquisition of the conditional certificate of occupancy.

Adam Reiner


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