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Everybody’s fooled

Dear Editor:Isn’t there still an undeclared war in the Balkans? Think about it (Clinton war). Keep voting until you get the desired result (liberal Aspen). Call yourself an environmentalist, but chop down forests and paychecks of the unentitled (those who actually earn their own keep) for employee housing. Have a roundabout close to a stoplight. Saving the “old Aspen” with S- curves, while Main Street has been four lanes for a long time. (Remember, if you want “old Aspen,” get ready for lots of silver mining and few trees, as the silver is still here and our money is now being questioned of its value internationally). Realizing that Bill Clinton and George Bush Sr. are the best of friends.Democrats and Republicans, you are both fooled. Scary, but priceless!Tom AndersonAspen Village