Eternally optimistic |

Eternally optimistic

Dear Editor:My friends keeps saying how my whole world will change when my wife Anne and I have our first child sometime around Election Day. They tell me our daughter’s arrival will shift my priorities, alter my perceptions of society, heighten my sense of responsibility. They say this with great joy and happiness in their eyes.I love hearing this as an expectant father and realize how it will change me as a county commissioner over the next four years. I want to continue the work I’ve poured myself into for the past four years – the important job of building a better Eagle County, not just for my daughter, but for all the children of the valley.I want my daughter to be happy and to thrive in affordable, high-quality day care and preschool; I want her to grow and mature in our well-funded, well-respected public schools; I want her to be able to land a decent job here if she chooses, one that pays well and contributes to an increasingly diverse economic picture; I want her to be able to afford to buy a home in the heart of the county; and I want her to be able to relax and recreate with her family on green space preserved on the valley floor near where people actually live.All of these things, I remain eternally optimistic, can and will be achieved if we continue to work together as citizens, elected officials, business leaders and stewards of the land to build coalitions, foster a spirit of compromise and work out our differences in an environment of ethics and civility.We have a responsibility to this beautiful place we call home – to shape it into something we can proudly pass on to our children as a shining example of how a mountain community can be all things to all people without sacrificing its soul.Thank you for your vote Nov. 2, and thank you all for your advice on being a better commissioner and a good father. Next time I see you, I hope to be both. For more information go to [].Arn MenconiEagle County Commissioner

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