Escapee, 21, from county jail gets four years in state prison |

Escapee, 21, from county jail gets four years in state prison

A man who escaped from the Pitkin County Jail in June was sentenced to four years in state prison after pleading guilty Monday.

Devin Sayyae, 21, pleaded guilty to escape, a class-three felony in Pitkin County District Court. On the afternoon of June 8, Sayyae and Robert Feliciano, 18, slipped under the chain-link fence of the jail’s small outdoor area and spent 36 hours at large before being arrested in Boulder.

At the time of his escape, Sayyae was being held in the jail after being convicted for motor vehicle theft, and he was waiting transfer to the Colorado Department of Corrections to serve a two-year sentence.

Conviction for a third-degree felony usually comes with a sentence in state prison from four to 16 years. But in this case, the assistant district attorney and Sayyae’s defense attorney, Arnie Mordkin, agreed to a sentence of four years.

The attorneys asked the court on Monday to accept Sayyae’s guilty plea and sentence him immediately.

“This is a pretty fair sentence for Mr. Sayyae,” said Assistant District Attorney Lawson Wills. “With a presumptive range of four to 16 years, there’s a good chance he could get more. Our hope is to get him to the point where he matures before he gets out and doesn’t make these mistakes again.”

Wills said the escape was Sayyae’s fourth conviction. Sayyae stayed relatively quiet at the hearing, answering Judge Jim Boyd’s questions and turning down a chance to make a statement to the judge.

“It appears you are at an important crossroads,” Boyd said to him just before agreeing to the four-year sentence. “You have pretty substantial criminal records for someone your age, and age does play a factor in this ” your future is in your own hands.”

Feliciano, Sayyae’s codefendant in the escape case, was also sentenced to four years for the escape. Feliciano was in the Pitkin County Jail after being charged with sexual assault in April when a local teenage girl told police Feliciano had raped her at knife point.

In August Feliciano was sentenced to 12 years in prison ” eight years for his guilty plea to reduced charges of attempted sexual assault and second degree assault, and four years for his guilty plea to escape.

Feliciano was also convicted of stealing a car that belonged to his foster parents in Aspen just after escaping, in order to get to Boulder with Sayyae. He is serving four years in jail concurrently with the escape conviction and the motor vehicle theft charge.

The pair were caught by Boulder police, who spotted them walking down a street.

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