Errors and lies |

Errors and lies

I would like to address Paul Andersen for his erroneous column dated Sept. 30.

Mr. Andersen … for starters, the BAC’s found on Russell Thompson and Debra Bloss were .275 and .294 (not 2.75 and 3.00). If you are going to write an article, you should have facts, not just inaccuracies you received from your fellow writers, who, by the way, do not print all the facts.

Debra Bloss is my sister. If she appeared to be “an emotional wreck,” it’s because she doesn’t believe Russell Thompson is the one who is accountable for Chico’s murder.

Her “husband” was brutally murdered. Although it doesn’t make sense to me, despite their abusive relationship, she truly loved Chico.

Three times my sister showed up to testify on Russell’s behalf. She is clinically “alcohol dependent,” and although the first time she appeared before the DA’s office she was intoxicated, the other two times she was sober.

She actually had a BAC of .001 when she testified before the jury. (It took a great deal on her part to do so, as she was physically sick before testifying.) I’ve never been so proud of my sister. Funny how no one printed an article about that fact.

I still can’t believe the jury found Russell guilty of anything. It was documented by police that the murder scene was left unsecured. Chico was killed by someone who is left-handed. Russell is right-handed.

John Rubel is a boxer. Russell was found not to be a trained boxer. (Russell only stated he was a boxer while he was drunk and being coerced by detective Scott Hunter.) After being examined by a physician the night of the murder, Russell had absolutely no injuries to his hands.

The DA’s office had a list of motions against Russell. Let me just mention a few of the 12. He was not allowed to tell the jury why he was representing himself, who hired the expert he was using or even testify as to the truth … if he took the stand.

Mr. Max Scott, the forensics expert, actually didn’t want to take the case when initially asked. After his reviewing the evidence presented to him from the DA’s office, he knew Chico was killed by someone left-handed. He knew that Russell was innocent.

The DA tried to discredit him in court, but only because he could prove Russell wasn’t responsible for the “heinous series of events” that took place that cold night in February. The DA stated Mr. Scott would “tell the jury anything if he was paid.” The truth is, Eagle County hasn’t even been current in paying him.

DA Brenda Parks lied to the judge, stating she would only need two days for her prosecution, and ended up taking four and a half ? of a five-day trial. Even up to her closing statements, the only evidence she presented were those drunken and distraught confessions Russell himself gave.

I personally know that three of the witnesses called to the stand committed perjury. Not one shred of ANY physical evidence showed Russell was truly responsible for Chico’s death.

It’s amazing to me how DA Brenda Parks was allowed to repeatedly stand and lie before the judge and jury and not be held accountable. It is repulsive that she be allowed to slander my sister and this paper publish her vicious remarks.

Even you, Mr. Andersen, had to continue to slander my sister by including Ms. Parks’ biting words. What didn’t get published was her crying when Judge Hart was allowing me to speak to him on my sister’s behalf, as she wasn’t getting her way. And where was the mention of her childish tantrums she displayed in the courtroom?

Mr. Andersen, I bet if you were in Mr. Thompson’s shoes, you too would have been nervous. Russell is guilty of being indigent and an alcoholic, not of being a murderer or even one who could commit manslaughter.

I, too, was repulsed by the “violent act” that someone committed on Chico. I knew him. Although I did not condone his abusive behavior toward my sister, no one had the right to do this “brutal beating” to him. Only after proving to myself that Russell was indeed innocent did I become more involved.

A terrible injustice has been allowed to happen to Russell. The police never truly investigated Chico’s murder. They licked their lips … and went in for the kill. They had their man. Case solved.

Just because a person is intoxicated, scared and not wealthy, that’s no excuse. They should have done a thorough investigation. Since when do people believe everything a drunken or distraught person says?

This paper, along with others, printed major errors in covering this murder: Russell’s blood was never found anywhere. He never bled. The only blood that was found was Chico’s and an unconfirmed other person’s, on the door, entering Jason Gray’s apartment. The police never even tested the blood found in Jason’s apartment. Nor any fingerprints.

The only evidence provided to the jury from the prosecution’s office were the two confessions from Russell himself, both done within 24 hours of his calling 911. One when he had a BAC of .275, the second, being conducted in such a way by detective Scott Hunter, that he was leading Russell as to what to say.

The only true evidence that was presented to the jury, was by Russell himself, showing his innocence: Others were present in Chico’s apartment the night of the murder. There were footprints leading up to Jason Gray’s apartment that were not Russell’s. The bloodletting started in that apartment.

A hand print from Chico showed him falling into his own apartment, getting up and stumbling throughout. There were no signs of a struggle. Also, the neighbors admitted to having sexual relations with Debbie, showing they had a possible motive.

John Rubel even admitted to the jury that he was a boxer, who had a boxing bag hanging in his tiny apartment, and that he had used the crawl space between the two apartments before. A pizza was ordered using a neighbor’s cell phone and requested that it be delivered to Chico’s apartment. (Perhaps to place Russell there.)

The list could go on and on. I wonder … could it be the press was daydreaming while the trial was going on, along with those on the jury?

Mr. Andersen, I wasn’t impressed with your use of large words or your article. (Nor by this paper’s coverage of the facts regarding this murder.) I will continue to support and show “love of neighbor” to Russell Thompson.

I know he’s innocent. I’ve seen the facts and heard the testimony. I’ve known Russell to be a very decent and kind man who swears he will never touch a drop of alcohol again. I believe him.

Aside from his substance abuse, I would ask any of you readers who know Russell to be a passive individual, to send me a letter stating such or show up in support of him on Nov. 20.

YOU can make a difference. Since when does being an alcoholic make you one who has a “penchant” and is “habitual” as regards to violence?

I truly feel remorse for the ruined lives, Mr. Andersen. Did you know Chico, Debbie or Russell? Some people have to live where they do, due to circumstances beyond their control. You can’t always judge a book by it’s cover. (Or believe everything you read as reported by the press.)

How I long for the only system that will be able to bring about true justice and righteousness … based on a person’s heart and not on the size of their wallet.

Becky Matchette


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