Erroneous edits |

Erroneous edits

Dear Editor:

You may have noticed, if you have read the Aspen Times Weekly cover story (Sept. 27 to Oct. 3), “Finding Peace on Pyramid Peak,” that there are a few errors that made it into the final edit.

The cover-page title, “Finding Peace …” was added by the editors.

Pyramid Peak is not the 47th-highest fourteener in Colorado, as the caption says with the photo of the Bells and Pyramid on page 24. According to Roach’s “Colorado’s Fourteeners (1999),” it is the 48th.

The picture of me was not taken “along a ridgeline,” as the caption says. This photo was taken at the top.

At the bottom, righthand side of page 24, “Photo by George Ryerson” appears. Actually, all the photos associated with this story are mine except the insert on page 24 from Google Earth and the picture of me on the top taken by my climbing partner, Dave.

George Ryerson


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