Environmental cause alive and well

One thing I have noticed is that as my awareness has grown, so has my love for planet earth and all her life forms. It is very alarming for many of us to see the attacks on the environment by the “elected leaders” we entrust with its protection.

By way of reassuring anyone who is as concerned as I have been, the environmental movement is very much alive and well in America. NRDC (Environmental Resources Defense Council) alone has around 600,000 members, financially supporting the work of lawyers who take on illegal, irresponsible and destructive environmental policies – go to court and win!

They send out a newsletter every month, informing and inspiring. If you want to find out more about NRDC they can be found online.

Finally, I found a quote from the American anthropologist Margaret Meade: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world, in fact it is the only thing that ever has!” In love with life and our beautiful planet …

Richard Harris



Aspen City Council puts breaks on Old Powerhouse Preservation Project

With many lingering questions still surrounding the fate of Aspen’s historic Old Powerhouse, City Council decided during Monday’s work session to hold off on providing staff direction on moving the preservation project forward until more information can be presented.

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