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Entrance solution

It appears Aspen has been divided about the entrance for 30 years. I think a compromise is in order.

I propose two lanes one way into town across the open space, one-lane HOV at peak, one pull-over lane and a two-lane bridge. Two lanes out of town, via the present S-curves, one-lane HOV at peak, right-turn-only from Cemetery Lane, and move one building at Seventh and Main back to be able to round off the two corners, and increase outbound traffic speed to 25 mph.

This would allow for no stops in or out of town, and one less traffic light. I think this approach maintains a small town feel, and would cost considerably less.

I think any money saved could be used to build a glorious bridge with light poles and pedestrian loitering spaces, something that says, “This is Aspen.”

Also, put it on a slight angle so you cannot see down Main Street until you are halfway across the bridge, and keep or add trees close to the road. And if a tunnel is chosen, it should not be close to the bridge.

Joe Walters

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