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Entitled Aspen parents

Dear Editor:

Gee, Rick (Schwartz), why is it that you people in Aspen don’t think you have to follow the rules (Letters to the editor, “Parking enforcement out of control,” Sept. 29, 2009, The Aspen Times)? No parking is there for a reason; what if they have to get emergency vehicles to the game for a sick or injured person? Why is it you can’t ride the free bus to the event if parking is such a problem? I for one will not encourage the city to ease up on ticketing anyone at these events.

In fact while I am ranting and raving, why is it every parent in Aspen has to take their child to school in the morning and pick them up at night? Put little Penelope or Horatio on the bus, carpool or heaven forbid walk them to school (or ride a bike). I see rows of cars every day backed up at the roundabout and there is no sense in it.

Susie Harris

New Castle

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