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Dear Editor:

Is Dick Cheney responsible for the writers’ strike?

Why would writers strike for Dick?

The world is going to hell in a Cheney gift basket and there are no Court Jesters to pontificate on the aftermath of a cluster f— with an administration gone so awry that they thought Roe vs. Wade were two ways to get across the Potomac! They proceeded with wars they knew they can not finish and had no idea how they could finance them! (Thanks to the mighty Chinese currency we are being bailed out.)

Impeachment and war crimes prevail on the mouths of millions and they march on to a different beat of a broken drum! This many people haven’t agreed since Al Gore won the election and Katherine Harris poled Jeb!

The Republican and Democratic candidates speak of their faith as if it is something to be proud of and Hollywood spews freedom of speech while monopolizing and twisting the minds of the masses to adhere to the ways of the world that we must wrap our heads around. Freedom of speech is a Republican nemesis.

Where are the heroes of the visual air ways that provide us with the funniest insight into the quagmire that is governed by Black Water, CACI, and other entities that feed CNN/Fox and the other Snooze Media to taint our world in a way that makes us pleased to be Americans! (The growers of moss on the north side of our brains.) When the rest of the world despises us worse than GW despises an impromptu news conference just after the last of many press secretaries has stepped down. This president stumbles over his words more than a mono ped, dyslexic, stuttering, idiot savant that suffers from turrets!

John Stewart and Steven Colbert are sunning in the Bahamas and chomping at the bit to deliver the obvious humor that ransacks our planet and they have been given golden gag balls to pass their leisure. (Matching ones I hope!)

Could this writers strike come at any better time?

The economy is in the swirling toilet. Our government is throwing billions of dollars around like a broken pinata that has been smuggled across the border for an Alberto Gonzales fiesta. Anthony Gill’s approvals of mergers and acquisitions for airwaves are being passed out like flyers for hookers in the streets of Vegas! Building across the nation is at a standstill with liens prevailing and foreclosures on the horizon. The mortgage industry has options on hell and no one can see the end to this dilemma! More countries are loaning the U.S. money than have passed through the Columbian drug cartel in the last 30 years!

Even Keith Olbermann has begun to gloat upon the dying carcass that we so diligently believe is pure sacred and so “God fearing.” It’s time the boys step up, ad-lib and just deliver their routine without the writers. Who needs them anyway? It’s not that hard to decipher what needs to be said! Just read the headlines! Get off your pompous asses and entertain us like you used to when you were your own writers! Unless you are afraid of Dick and his guns! Which I could understand. Just don’t go hunting with him and you’ll be fine. Why would writers strike for Dick?

Paul King


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