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Enough with irresponsible dog owners in the valley

Dear Editor:

I would like to respond to all the selfish and irresponsible dog owners here in the valley!

I am a dog lover, and today I had to explain to my twin 4-year-old boys about dogs and that a dog IS an animal and has animal instincts.

We have been admiring a newly born fawn, with brilliant brown and white spots, that began life on shaky legs. Each day we looked forward to watching this baby grow and become steady and graceful. This harmless, amazing creature has been living in our neighborhood with his mother for the three short weeks of his life. His life ended yesterday, with such disregard and disrespect by someone’s PET dog. This is where I cannot describe the brutality that the fawn suffered. My family witnessed the effect of this brutality due to a grossly irresponsible dog owner.

Enough of the petty ridiculous arguments I read in the newspaper repeatedly about dogs on a leash and dog waste. Enough is enough! The LAW states that dogs are to be under control, which includes leashing them or being within 10 feet of their owner and under complete voice control. What will it take for dog owners to wake up, obey the law and keep our wildlife and children safe? I do not blame the dog for its actions; I blame its shameless owner.

This helpless fawn impacted this world and our lives, and there is no argument, excuse or response that any humane individual can provide in support of negligent dog owners.

Amanda Farmer


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