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Enough is enough; vote for Obama

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A year ago, many Americans had never heard of Barack Obama, but John McCain was well-known as one of the longest-serving, most thoughtful and ethical members of the U.S. Senate. Obama was a junior senator with a strange name, but McCain was the maverick of the Republican Party who had the guts to stand up to the Bush administration on torture.

But what a difference a year makes.

Now candidate McCain resorts to the same kinds of smear tactics that George W. Bush once used against him, and Obama is the one staying cool under fire and steering the conversation back to the real issues. McCain botches the biggest decision of his campaign by choosing an unqualified beauty-queen ideologue for a running mate, and spends more time bashing his opponent than arguing for his own policies and capabilities. By contrast, Obama not only runs a well-oiled and disciplined presidential campaign ” a rarity on the Democratic side ” but also chooses an experienced vice presidential nominee who perfectly balances the Democratic ticket.

We have political campaigns in this country in order to see what our candidates are made of, and Barack Obama has clearly run the most honest, focused, well-organized and issue-oriented campaign in this race. John McCain, despite his decades of distinguished public service in the military and the Senate, has careened haphazardly from gimmick to political gimmick ever since the Lehman Bros. meltdown, and has cynically used fears about Islamic terrorists to unfairly slime his opponent. Unbecoming for such a purported statesman.

Barack Obama may have entered this presidential campaign as a new kid on the block, but he has absolutely distinguished himself during both his long battle against Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary and the ongoing general election race against McCain. We believe Obama has the sound judgment and the ethical backbone to run this country and hopefully steer it back on course.

This is a pivotal presidential election that finds America mired in two wars abroad, floundering through an economic crisis and digging itself deeper into debt every day, all during a time when our global credibility is at an all-time low. Obama has energized not only millions of Americans but millions more abroad who, like former Secretary of State Colin Powell, see the Illinois senator as a “transformational figure” who can reach across the aisle in Washington and inspire a new political dialogue in America.

Enough of Bill Ayers and sleazy innuendo about Obama “palling around with terrorists.” Enough of the “drill, baby, drill” rhetoric, as if that would really solve America’s long-term energy problems. Enough neoconservative empire-building and unilateralism abroad.

Vote for Barack Obama for president of the United States.

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