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Enough is enough

Dear Editor:Exclusionary? Segregationist practices? Come on, enough is enough. The only statement that was correct in Alice Laird’s interview with John Colson of July 6 is that Montessori education is a great program.Mrs. Laird’s statement that Ross Montessori is “using public money to create closed environments that end up segregating children by class and ethnicity” because they are using the lottery system is harsh, unfair and unjust.Is she aware that it’s the same system other charter schools use like the Carbondale Community School? How dare she make the accusation that we as parents are using Montessori as a way of having our children in a more Anglo environment? Which Montessori parents has she spoken with to get this information? I have three children in Montessori and like Mrs. Laird’s children, my son started at the Euclid Street preschool. I, along with at least 100 or more families in this valley, believe in the Montessori education style and want the best education we can get for our children.Mrs. Laird goes on to say that we are “pulling our kids out” of the public school system. Need I remind the Carbondale Town Council member that Fred Wall and the RE-1 school board removed the Montessori strand from Carbondale Elementary School? So if the result is that it creates an environment in the public school that could be 80 percent Latino, it is not the fault of Montessori. What is the Anglo vs. Hispanic population at the Carbondale Community School? Why aren’t you accusing them of distorting the “ratios”?In reality, isn’t Mrs. Laird’s supposed concern about the “poor immigrant families” really her “smokescreen”? I think as a Carbondale Town Council member, Mrs. Laird’s time would better serve Carbondale by concentrating on issues that are really affecting the community like focusing her efforts on the lack of affordable housing or developing ordinances for single-family-home occupancy limits and the ethnicity issues of the community. Maybe if all this time spent on bashing and blaming was spent on resolution and progress, Anglos would come back to Carbondale and the public school system.Enough is enough – stop blaming Montessori for the problems of a community struggling with diversity. You are adding to the division of this community instead of bringing it together. You are hurting the families and children who are intent on staying in Carbondale.Karin J. EvansCarbondaleMontessori parent

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