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Enough, already!

Dear Editor:

Is anyone else extremely tired of the frequency with which cover bands seem to visit Aspen? All winter long, it seemed you couldn’t swing a stick without hitting a cover or tribute band, and I can hardly glance at the Belly Up roster for the coming weeks without the words “tribute show.” “celebration” and “re- creation” blending into a bad taste.

Yes, I was blown away by Hell’s Belles, one of the most rockin’ musical acts I’ve seen in a long time; I’m sure by many they are welcome back here anytime! And I’m sure there are other exceptional musical acts that pay homage to and actually take to new levels some special popular music. But rather than having every tribute band in the world on my doorstep, I’d rather be surprised by bands with their own material, which I’m sure Aspen and the talented crew that run Belly Up have the resources and clout to pull.

Christina Capasso