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Enough already

Dear Editor:I give up! How many times do I have to say that I don’t support illegal immigrants being here before people will stop assuming I’m the great crusader of illegal immigration? I’ve already stated twice I was against illegal immigration, but obviously people can’t read. How about this? Please read this very slowly and thoroughly:I do not support illegal immigrants being here not paying taxes.Is this sufficient enough proof, can you read this and stop arguing the illegal issue now? I’m not supporting illegal immigration!Mr. Sedei, here is a quote from your letter (Aspen Times, May 17): “Nobody is denying the legal immigrant the right to enter America … .” Really? Tell me what the definition of reduction is, as in immigration reductionist groups? Webster defines reduction as “the amount of which something is reduced.” How’s this not denying the opportunity for others to come here?This was the whole point of my second reply – that people have decided that enough is enough already, so let’s reduce the amount of immigrants allowed into this country, legal or not. This is the main focus of life for some immigration reduction groups – stop people from entering the United States. How is making opportunities for others as difficult as possible anything other than selfish-based?I am formally apologizing to Mr. McGarry for calling him a racist because, in fact, I was incorrect. Racist statements were not used in the context of his opinion directed toward Latinos. Offensive and degrading toward Latinos, yes, but racist, no. His original statement was “Gazillions of the oh-so-sensitive Spanish-speaking illegals … .” This was written in response to Johnny A. Rivers feeling it was not fair for AVH to force him to speak English. One of two issues is going on here with Mr. McGarry’s criticism of Mr. Rivers.First, either Mr. McGarry had absolutely no right to attack Mr. Rivers, assuming he is illegal, or, second, AVH is hiring illegals, in which [case] maybe Mr. McGarry should focus on them instead.Either way, maybe he should have proof before he assumes he knows what the situation is.Let’s please stop this arguments once and for all. I have apologized to Mr. McGarry and I now have stated nine times that I am not a supporter of illegal immigration into the United States. It amazes me how all of a sudden people from all over the Southwest are concerned about the issues here in the Roaring Fork Valley. Why?Matthew StarbuckCarbondale

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