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Enough, already

Dear Editor:

I cannot believe it. The election is over and I continue to read Toni Kronberg’s misguided, ill-informed and grossly incorrect assessment of the proposed visitor center.

It’s unbelievable that this person has been allowed the amount of leeway she has, while skirting the issues and bending the facts.

Listen, Toni, the vote had nothing to do with re-zoning the property. The property is already zoned for a structure to go up. In fact, the application has been filed and it will be taller than the one advocated by City Council. The building was going to be built, regardless, Toni. We, the people and businesses of Aspen, whom you so cavalierly deceived, will be deprived of the opportunity to better serve our visitors (we are a destination resort) and compete with other resorts that endeavor to serve their guests.

The people at the Galena Lofts knew when they purchased their units that a building could potentially be built at the proposed site. Regardless, they purchased their units. Their views could have been saved from obstruction, but the developer chose to save money by leaving them as they were, when the building was redone.

I don’t blame them for being angry, but as a taxpayer, I resent that I have to pay for your lies and their inability to cope with reality. The people of Aspen had to take time from their families and business to make sense of your misrepresentations. Members of City Council, already overworked, had to defend against groundless, unsubstantiated, insinuations, while working hard on myriad other issues for the benefit of our community.

Toni, the Galena and Main site was selected from 15 others (by members of the Aspen community) long before the recommendation of the Frick and Beer study.

Now you suggest that we purchase the parcel to preserve the open-space view plane for a parking garage! I am anxious to know what services you propose the city eliminate to pay for the property.

Let’s move forward, Aspen.

Andy Modell

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