Enforcement and other issues

Dear Editor:1. I agree that there should be better enforcement regarding noisy motorcycles (letters, Aug. 4).2. What about enforcing the no parking anytime on Maroon Creek Road? Why do parents get a pass on this one? (By the ballfield.)3. Why do Realtors get to place open-house signs on the public right of ways?4. As a child, I was taught that pedestrians always faced traffic when on roads or trails. Now I’m told to walk with traffic and let bikers ring their bells and yell at me. What’s with this?5. This is unrelated to enforcement issues, but I don’t mind the green water tank in Woody Creek. It reminds me of days gone by.P.S.: Tony Vagneur’s column this week was great! (“Bombarded by heaps of bull,” Aug. 4)Frank SpoffordAspen


Bar Talk: Barraquito

On a recent trip to Spain, I discovered something that I believe tops the espresso martini. It’s called a barraquito.

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