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Enforce the law

Dear Editor:

Kudos and applause to Tulsa, Okla., and Irvine, Texas!

When will Colorado (state), local law enforcement and elected officials start penalizing anyone (companies and individuals) who hire, transport and support illegal immigrants?

Just think how much more money the average valley person would have in their pockets if regular (legal), locals were hired … (at an applicable wage rate to this area) … to do the jobs that the obscenely wealthy continue to farm out for the cheapest buck they can spend?

As I wrote about last year, “illegal immigration costs valley people their rightful wage, keeps more money in the hands of those who really don’t need it,” and very important, “allows the ruination, and over-development at an accelerated rate, of our valley.”

Take a stand folks. The Roaring Fork Valley would be far and away a more beautiful, slower growing, economically equal environment if money changed hands correctly and legally.

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How many “McMansions” and ugly, out-of-character hotels/developments/etc., do you think we’d have to tolerate if the folks who promote such junk had to pay the going wage to legal workers (enabling them to live here)?

Don’t look the other way. Take a stand, make a difference.

Scott Crow


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