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Enforce immigration laws

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Dear Editor:As one who recently consoled a native-born Hispanic friend over her family’s continuing poverty and lack of opportunity, I’d like to clarify something to “Gabby,” the pregnant, illegal alien who feels put upon by our immigration laws (Aspen Times, July 20). I’d also like to clarify something to Deputy Marie Munday of the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Department and admonish the Times that this article so lacked balance that perhaps it should have been placed on the editorial page. Gabby states that we act as though the Latino community is invading something that is not theirs. Well, Gabby, I have news for you. You are invading something that is not yours: the United States. We may all be Americans, but we are not all U.S. citizens. Just as I am not a citizen of Honduras or Mexico, you are not a citizen of the United States and are not entitled to rights of citizenship, although if you succeed in staying here until your baby is born – with the medical tab likely picked up by Colorado and U.S. taxpayers – that will likely change.Due to the outrageousness of “chain migration,” implemented in the post-1965 era, the day your baby is born, despite your illegal status, not only will your baby automatically become a citizen, but you and all members of your extended family will be entitled to apply for citizenship. Talk about a whopping reward for misdeeds!Meanwhile, our own native-born poor are given short-shrift for jobs at a living wage, medical care and educations. Our hospitals teeter on bankruptcy as they provide indigent care, much of it to illegal aliens, and our schools are overwhelmed educating school populations where often as many as one in four do not speak English.As to Deputy Munday, a point of fact: An immigrant is someone who enters our nation in adherence and respect of our laws. Those who sneak across our borders are illegal aliens. That act in fact does become a criminal offense if the individual is deported and then returns, so I hope the deputy isn’t too hasty in cutting loose illegal aliens on the premise they have committed “only” a civil offense. I would hope she would be interested in enforcing all our laws.Kathleene ParkerLos Alamos, N.M.

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