Energy Smart program is a no-brainer |

Energy Smart program is a no-brainer

Dear Editor:

It’s not every day that such a novel and helpful idea comes our way, but Pitkin and Eagle residents have such an opportunity right now to vote yes on 1A: Energy Smart Loan Program on your current mail ballots. This is a no-cost (yes, that’s right!) program to finance clean energy and energy efficiency for interested local homeowners and businesses. This will help support our economy and add new jobs while lowering utility bills and helping the environment!

How is there no cost?

Home improvement projects will be funded through a loan program that will be repaid over 15-20 years using special assessments added to property tax payments. The beauty of this plan is that most of the improvements will pay for themselves in only a few short years, while the payments are spread over a much longer time-frame!

There’s no cost to taxpayers, since the bonds (loans) are repaid by those who choose to participate, and the minor administrative costs will be covered by state grant funds or participant fees. The reason this is on the ballot is that the Local Improvement District, which will arrange for the funding, needs voter approval to be created. Again, this does not add any cost, tax or fee for anyone except participating homeowners and businesses. Now that’s freedom of choice!

Please take the time to vote yes on measure 1A – for our community, our environment, and our economy. Get more info at or

Dave Munk

Missouri Heights

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