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Endorsing smart energy

Dear Editor:

This fall Pitkin County residents will have a chance to vote on an exciting new initiative called the Energy Smart Loan Program. The program will give the county the authority to issue fixed interest loans for renewable energy and energy efficiency measures on commercial and residential properties.

Property owners who voluntarily opt into the program will repay the loan through a special assessment on their property taxes. Loans, therefore, are attached to the property (where the value is added) not to the individual. If the property is sold, the remaining loan principle is passed on to the next owner.

Lastly, there are no tax hikes associated with the Energy Smart Loan Program. Only those residents who choose to participate will see an increase on their annual property tax bills.

The program will sustain and create jobs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save consumers money. What could be better than that? Let’s prove once again that Pitkin County is ahead of the game. Vote Yes on 1A. Make Pitkin energy smart!

Katherine Dart


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