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Endorsement on 1A needed

We are longtime Republicans and are wondering why the local Republican Party has not yet publicly endorsed ballot measure 1A.

We’ve been coming to Aspen as part-timers since 1986, but moved here full-time three years ago. One of the major reasons was the friendships we have made here over the years. This is a very special place, not just because of the mountains or town’s amenities.

The senior center plays a very large role in developing and nurturing the relationships we speak of; most meaningful to us have been the organized downhill and cross country skiing, hut trips, bike rides and lunches at the senior center.

As one ages, connections with friends become increasingly important to one’s whole outlook on life. Don’t forget we all will be seniors one day.

If 1A fails to pass, the senior programs will be drastically cut. 1A provides guaranties for health and human services, including senior programs, for five years.

Vote yes on IA.

Carleen and Ken Canfield


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