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Endless cycle of change

Dear Editor:

With the elections coming up, we hear more and more of our candidates and their plan for change. First off, that seems to be all elections are for, some sort of change.

We can all agree the big-hitters (McCain and Obama) are trying to get elected, and they claim day in and day out for a change, supposedly for the best of our country. Sadly, all they do is switch everything around that Bush did. However, didn’t Bush come preaching to change everything Clinton did? Every president seems to do the opposite of the ones before them. All the candidates for election do is preach about making things different all over again at the cost of us, its citizens.

In four to eight years are we going to be hearing another speech about change?

Switching from one policy to another, mixing up taxes all over again, foreign policy, anything and everything, it will all be reversed from the person before them. Wouldn’t it be easier to just have a “spin the wheel” system for our government? It would surely cost less than our current system.

Sadly, everything they change is never for the better, so we never have anything we want to keep the same. Maybe democracy needs to revolutionize itself; maybe our government is too big, and we need to reform the amount of power they have over the people. Maybe one day our country will realize making changes is great, but it would be nice to have some stability in our lives. Perhaps we will elect someone for making some sense out of all of this change. Maybe change will be something we have in our pockets and not our government.

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Chris Everding