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End this nonsense

In response to Camilla Sparlin’s letter in The Aspen Times (and Jon Busch’s letter) on March 28, I apologize if she felt insulted by me. Apparently, she feels my behavior during a trolley work session was inappropriate.

Well, I was insulted that the city and its citizens have to endure yet more discussion on an issue that is going nowhere. I was insulted that I had to waste another hour and a half of the people’s time discussing an issue that has been resolved.

I was insulted that the trolley people were mad at me even though they had months to prepare a ballot question and get a petition signed and they failed.

I do not believe that there will ever be a trolley system implemented on Galena Street or anywhere else in Aspen. Yet we continue to expend public funds and government time and effort discussing an issue that clearly lacks the support of any type of majority.

Now, proponents of the trolley are going to attempt to place an issue on the ballot again, possibly during a special election. The costs of such an election could easily be over $4,000 or $5,000, or more, a ridiculous expenditure of funds for an issue that I promise them will fail.

This “small band” of trolley enthusiasts refuse to see reality, refuse to respect the will of the people, or the comments and votes made by their duly elected officials. Enough is enough – the trolleys, rotting at Cozy Point, are not the panacea that their proponents claim they are. (Ms. Sparlin even implies they will increase skier visitor numbers!)

Antique trolleys are nice, but spending a quarter of a million dollars apiece to restore them and millions to create an operational system hardly seems the answer to any economic problems we may have.

It is sad when a dream dies, but as an elected official I have a fiduciary duty to bring this nonsense to an end.

Tony Hershey

Aspen City Council

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