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End the occupation

Dear Editor:

In a rare and shocking display of honesty, Lawrence Rosenfield (letters April 26, “The Right Solution”) advocates the ethnic cleansing of millions of Arabs from Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza to make conditions favorable for Jewish expansion.

Israel is already responsible for creating history’s largest refugee population by expelling Arabs from their native land beginning in the 1940s and continuing to this day. Now Rosenfield believes Israel should finish the job and rid themselves of the remaining 4 million non-Jews in “Judea and Samaria” so they can realize their dream of a pure Jewish state.

This Hitleresque solution isn’t just the bizarre fantasy of one deranged Aspen resident. It’s the collective attitude of Israel’s citizens and leaders, along with Zionists the world over. In fact, eliminating the possibility of a Palestinian state to expand the Jewish one is the admitted goal of Zionism.

Despite their insistence that a peace treaty and two-state solution is their desire, Israel’s actions reveal their true agenda. All along they’ve been quietly evicting Arabs, confiscating their land for Jewish-only neighborhoods and implementing an oppressive apartheid system far exceeding South Africa’s. This they do under the guise of “security,” and crucial to covering their massive human rights violations is maintaining the perception that Palestinians are terrorists who want to destroy Israel.

To this end, Aspen’s usual Israel defenders have carefully avoided any mention of the occupation and illegal Jewish settlements, arguing that Israel only wants peace and that if the Palestinians would just renounce violence and recognize Israel’s right to exist, they’d finally be granted a state of their own.

But Rosenfield’s letter exposed a glimmer of truth; Israel is not the fair, democratic, freedom-loving country it professes to be. It’s potentially the largest perpetrator of human rights violations in the Middle East, perhaps even in the world.

Because the United States gives Israel billions in financial aid, we Americans are directly responsible for the theft of people’s homes, land and livelihood. How does it feel to know that a portion of your tax money is financing crimes against humanity?

If you’re disgusted by that (as any justice-loving American should be), go to the website of the Global Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement; http://bdsmovement.net/ to learn how you can participate in pressuring Israel to give up their quest for Jewish expansion at the expense of millions of indigenous Arab people.

And whenever you’re confronted with the views of someone like Mr. Rosenfield, remind them that the solution to conflict isn’t ethnic cleansing or apartheid or Holocaust, it’s justice, freedom and civil rights for all people regardless of their race or religion.

The right solution for Israel is to end the occupation.

Sue Gray



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