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End the love affair

Dear Editor:

Please end your paper’s love affair with Zeke Tiernan. Reading about him has become insufferable. First, I have to hear about how he got lost skiing on Aspen Mountain (where he’s been skiing for just shy of three decades). Then I read a story about the Mt. Sopris Runoff in which an entire paragraph is dedicated to Zeke … not running in the race. Zeke didn’t participate ” what a scoop! Finally, there is the cover story about Zeke running in the Leadville 100 (“A little help from friends,” Aug. 18). It is obvious that your reporter, Nate Peterson, has a little thing for ol’ Zeke (non-sexual man crush).

What would be refreshing is some exhaustive writing on Burlingame or perhaps the failed small dog park idea. I’ll be honest: I love to complain. Please, for the sake of the readers and the angry letter to the editor writers, give us something meaty to complain about.

Zach Woodward

Old Snowmass