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End prohibition on pot

Dear Editor:

Kevin Stephenson is correct, “we have a serious substance abuse problem to solve;” however, telling lies, half-truths and propaganda is part of the problem. Reducing substance abuse problems requires telling the truth, especially to youth. Nearly every study, including government studies, historically discredit the “gateway” theory.

Although cannabis (marijuana) isn’t “harmless,” it is a relatively safe, God-given plant (see the first page of the Bible) that’s less addictive than coffee, and safer than alcohol, which hasn’t killed a person in more than 5,000 years of documented use, while cigarettes kill more than 1,000 Americans daily.

Truth is, unregulated sales of cannabis force buyers into contact with people who often sell hard drugs, which increases addiction rates. Perhaps that’s the gateway effect Stephenson is speaking of.

A sane or moral reason to continue cannabis prohibition doesn’t exist.

Stan White



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