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Empty bowls, full souls

Dear Editor:

On Wednesday, March 5, hundreds of people from our community gathered at Bumps at the base of Buttermilk to share a simple meal of delicious soup, fresh bread and yummy desserts.

Guests chose a bowl from hundreds of beautiful ceramic bowls that were handmade by the Aspen Middle School, the Aspen Community School and the Aspen Country Day School students, for their soup and to take home as a reminder that there always are empty bowls in the world. The music was provided by the Aspen Middle School fifth-grade choir and the band Common Cents from the Aspen Country Day School.

The party was great fun for all. More than $5,400 will be donated to the local charity Lift-Up.

Everyone who participated in Empty Bowls left with a full tummy, a warm heart and a nourished soul. This event had a huge community turn out and participation from the students at all three schools, which is a reflection of the incredible community in which we live. We are so fortunate that our community supports the arts and its children.

Thank you to Bumps! Henrietta and Barry were very generous. Thank you to all the amazing volunteers who gave time, energy and donations to make the Empty Bowls project happen.

Thank you to all the students who created art from their hearts.

The following businesses were incredibly generous: Bumps, Boogies, Steak Pit, Jimmy’s, the Woody Creek Tavern, Little Annie’s, Johnny McGuire’s, Spencer’s, Swiss Gourmet, Aspen High School Cafe, Louis Swiss Bakery, Aspen Country Day School, Two Rivers Cafe, the Butcher’s Block, Jour De Fete, Brunelleschi’s, Cafe Bernard and Cache Cache.

Special thanks to all the amazing volunteers and parents who donated time energy and food.

We, the art teachers, want to thank everyone involved in this project; the students gained an understanding of giving from the heart and the value of helping others.

Rae Lampe, Aspen Middle School art teacher

Hilary Forsyth, Aspen Community School art teacher

Paula Ponto, Aspen Country Day School art teacher


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