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Empower youth, be a host

Dear Editor:Dear Karen,You are the mother I don’t have, because my real mother doesn’t live with me anymore. Thanks so much to you, Courtney, and Max for opening your home to me this past week.Love,Daryl (name changed for confidentiality)I’m paraphrasing, but this is, essentially, a note I received after hosting four Aspen Youth Experience participants in my home one week last summer.If I had been skeptical before the at-risk teens arrived, all my concerns about the possible deleterious effects of bringing those with limited material or emotional support systems into my residence melted away in mere hours.This January, from Jan. 5-14, is Aspen Youth Experience’s Winter Program.A cornerstone of our 15-year mission to empower America’s at-risk youth is that of placing our visiting teenagers from cities nationwide (and the Roaring Fork Valley) with host families. The benefits to the youth are many, but, what potential host families need to know, is that the benefits to them are even greater. At the very least, perhaps your sloppy 15-year-old son or daughter will be embarrassed in to cleaning his/her room after seeing how neat and respectful the AYE kids are!For information on how you can host AYE kids this January, please call Amber TODAY at 920-6671.P.S. As the youth are busy and out of your home for the greater part of each day and evening, the actual tasks a host family needs to perform are actually quite limited.Karen LordAYE host family momAspen

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