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Empathy for the Clappers

Dear Editor:

Unlike Gaylord Guenin, I read the Clappers’ remarks as reality.

The Clappers are facing the same uncertainty many locals are struggling with when Patti’s term as a commissioner expires. Hundreds are underemployed in town. Those over age 50 are the hardest hit and least likely to get jobs.

Ex-Pitkin County commissioners are in even a tougher position. I personally continue to suffer acts of revenge, some costly, by enemies I made in office who didn’t like my positions. The years in public office leave commissioners primarily qualified to work in the land-use industry, but our ethic code prohibits most aspects of employment in this field for two years.

Tom and Patti Clapper number among a group of Aspenites who really are the backbone of our town. Patti became famous when she took on federal and state bureaucracies, calling their blind obedience to EPA regulation the waste of money and energy it was. Tom provided humor and time to kids’ sports and friends in need – the entire time struggling underneath a physical handicap no one was aware of until it almost killed him.

I completely understand the Clappers’ dilemma. I hope a job opportunity comes their way so we don’t have to see but another longtime local family throw in the towel and move on.

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Shellie Roy


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