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Emmer announces ‘15 mayoral bid


Maurice Emmer is getting a head start on his would-be opponents in the 2015 contest for the mayor of Aspen.

Emmer, whose 396 votes was good enough for third place in Tuesday’s mayoral election, announced Thursday he will be running for the same post in two years.

A runoff election is set for June 4 between Aspen City Councilmen Steve Skadron and Torre, who garnered 516 and 463 votes, respectively.

Six candidates ran for mayor, including four from City Council.

Emmer, who is a retired tax attorney, said he is making the early announcement to put other potential candidates on notice.

“We congratulate the successful candidates on their effective campaigns,” he said in a statement. “We noted, however, that at least one other campaign blamed its loss on the number of candidates rather than on their own shortcomings. While our campaign welcomes all comers, we are troubled by the argument from a candidate that his loss is attributed to there being others in the race.

“Accordingly, we are announcing now that we will be in the race for mayor in two years so that others who believe the number of candidates should be limited are on notice that if they join the race they will be doing what they have accused others of doing.”